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Is there a good place to gather vet level water? I can't seem to find it and im roaming AD zones (mostly areas near water) assuming this would be the place. Is there somewhere that you guys noticed a large amount of?
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  • Circuitous
    I get tons of Cloud Mist just opening containers in early Veteran zones.
    Thank Stendarr it’s Fredas.
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  • MurkMuffin
    Okay, I guess I should start looting everything, I usually just search streams and other sources of water (which I thought would make the most sense....)
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Breton Sorcerer - Stria

    For The Queen!
  • DenverRalphy
    Cloud Mist is VR5 water, so you don't start seeing springs for it until you hit VR5 zones.

    [edit]Though I do recall seeing Cloud Mist in water skins in level 45-50 zones pre VR levels. Could be mistaken though, since I may be thinking about Filtered water.
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  • Black_Wolf88
    Cloud mist water (vr5 pots) is best gathered in vr5/6 up to vr12 zones. Run along rivers and lakes and you will find many water gathering spots.

    For VR1 potion water you need to go to vr1-4 zones. same applies here, run along rivers and lakes and you will find many water gathering spots.
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  • HeroOfEvbof
    I get most of my water from backpacks. Bandits and soldiers will often have water skins near them, I loot those as well. Keen Eye for alchemy will ight those water skins up.

    There is a curiosity that a guildie of mine is looking into. Does pure water share a spawn point with fish? The pure water would be very close to shore compared to the fishing hole, but the "press E" would show up in the same spot since fishing is done by casting.

    I will pursue this further and post back.
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  • Tarukmockto
    I'm a gatherer. I hit every bag, sack, crate, backpack, etc I come across. By the time I needed Cloud Mist, I had accumulated around 400 of them in the V1-4 zones.

    If you are looting everything, you should have no problem finding enough waters.
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  • ThePonzzz
    I've been finding cloud mist in containers, regularly, since VR1. Purified water along lakes, rivers, and waterskins.
  • MAOofDC
    Something that hasn't been mentioned yet, look for water in waterskins. I got the passive that marks nodes at a distance and noticed that waterskins now glow.
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