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A few ideas to throw out there...

Can we have the option of adding hues to our shield or having our Guild emblem on our shield?

Can we add in Cloaks and have the option of having our Guild emblem on our cloaks?

You could also add Cloaks - hooded and un-hooded to the Clothing crafter line, you could also add them to the Crafted Item Sets.

The Tabard covers our armor...

Give players the option of displaying their Guild Colors how they want...while still being able to show off their creativity.

Can we have the ability to craft siege items?

Quests that will reward AP for crafters? You could also "add" to the Keep, Farm, Mill or Gate defense level with the the efforts are worthwhile.

Every keep has warriors, mages and bowmen that need gear...the elements are already there to implement the systems.

This will give players more to do in PvP realm when things are not as active or they just want to run around...

I would also like to see Jewelers in game...not only for Jewelry but also putting gems in weapons and armor.
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