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New Crafting Writ Quests in 1.4

Update 1.4 offers more good news for crafters. In addition to the new introduction to crafting quests described here

There are also new Crafting Writs quests. After I completed the intro quests for my EP character, I traveled to Vulkhel Guard in VR6 Auridon in order to farm some quick crafting style stones. I noticed the Crafting Writs post had a quest indicator on it. I triggered the quest marker and I received three Writ quests - one for blacksmithing, one for clothing and one for woodworking. Each quest has me craft three seemingly random items in quantities of 2 or 3. For instance, the Blacksmithing Writ asked me to craft 2 Voidsteel Gauntlets, 2 Voidsteel Greatswords and 2 Voidsteel Sabatons. The Woodworking Writ quest asked me to craft 3 each of Nightwood Ice Staff, Inferno Staff and Lightning Staff. The Clothing Writ asked me to craft some Shadowspun armor pieces (Hat, Sash and Shoes).

I need to move around some skill points to unlock the crafting skills to make these items so I have not completed the quests yet. Also, the quests seem to be tied to skill level number and not zone or the number of points you have invested in the Metalworking, Tailoring and Woodworking passive lines. Further, the quests seem to be limited to the first city in the first zone (Daggerfall, Davon's Watch and Vulkhel Guard). I could not find Crafting Writ posts or boards in Mournhold in Riften. Also, the posts in both Daggerfall and Davon's Watch are bugged and cannot be accessed.

I will try to complete the quests in Vulkhel Guard and report back with more information.
  • Nox_Aeterna
    Seems interesting , but one must wonder what is the rewards for such quests to begin with.

    Do the quests remove the items you crafted giving you a good rewards? Or is it just a small extra for showing things you would be already be making (maybe to make people craft more of certain items and toss them into the market)?

    Hope you can complete them soon.
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  • LonePirate
    I completed a Woodworking Writ which required 2 Nightwood Restoration Staves and 4 Nightwood Shields - 6 items seems to be a consistent number for all of the writ quests. After constructing them (I crafted VR9 as no level was specified), I was told to travel to Belkarth in Craglorn and deliver them to the quartermaster, not far from the wayshrine in that town. I dropped them off inside a crate and completed the quest. I received 302 gold as a reward and some XP, judging by the progress in a skill I am leveling. The gold is identical to the amount of gold from the city and bounty/war board quests in Cyrodiil.

    I returned to Vulkhel Guard and the Crafting Writ post had a quest marker again so I activated it. I was given the Woodworking Writ quest again. I had not completed the Blacksmithing Writ and Clothing Writ quests from earlier. I don't know if these are intended to be completed as frequently as you want or if there is a limit I have not yet reached or if they are supposed to be once a day quests (like the city quests in Cyrodiil) that are simply bugged. I am going to leave them alone for now and hope they are intended to be completed as often as you like.

    At the moment, these writ quests look like a good source of XP/VP for VR level crafters, especially those who want an alternative to the daily quests in Cyrodiil. These quests may not be a good source of gold, however. As mentioned above, I received 302 gold for completing the quest. However, the six items I created could be sold to a vendor for more than that. Granted, woodworking items always sell for higher prices than blacksmithing and especially clothing items. Still, Blacksmithing Writ quest might be around an even trade off whereas the Clothing Writ may be a slight improvement over the gold you could obtain by selling the items to a vendor. I am going to /bug the rewards gold difference vs. vendor prices. Maybe that will be changed and maybe it won't be. Flip a coin there.

    The lack of working quest givers in both Daggerfall and Davon's Watch could keep these quests from being released live with 1.4 unless they fix them of course. Everyone can form their own opinions as to the viability of these quests.
  • gamerb14_ESO9
    I love the idea of daily crafting quests but do not feel the amount of gold specified above is truly worth the effort. I also do not like that it is in Craglorn, as I usually solo out in the world and Craglorn is geared for 4-person VR12 questing (or so they say). I'm only VR4 atm and it will take some time for me to get to VR14 (they'll probably be at VR20 or something or have the champion system out by that time).
  • LonePirate

    You don't need to worry about the group content in Craglorn interfering with these quests as the starter quest and the quest completion spot are near the Belkarth wayshrine which is located inside the city's limits. The mats can be gathered in the regular VR zones or the hireling emails so you never need to explore Craglorn beyond the starting city.

    That being said, the Clothing Writ quest will be profitable whereas the Woodworking Writ quest is pretty much only for the XP/VP. If the number of required items drops from 6 to 3, then the quests will be nice moneymakers.

    I suspect VR1 characters will be able to perform these quests as the only requirement seems to be access to Craglorn. I will try to create a new VR character that is not level 50 in all of the crafting skills to see if these quests are still available and if they ask for iron/jute/maple items.

    I love the concept and goal of these quests. The bugs just need to be cleaned up and the gold reward needs to encourage players to complete them (which currently is not the case for the Woodworking Writ quest in particular).
  • SantieClaws
    Check the new PTS patch :( They have removed these quests. Don't think they will be in update 4 at all now.
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  • Khupa
    The truth is good for new crafters... otherwise is just a waste of time. I get more money selling the materials than doing the writ's. Spending over 100 voidstones just to get some inspiration ( i don't need), gold (i don't need ) and 1 Sardonyx. So if you already hit level 50 in any crafting don't even waste your time.
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