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Will we ever see Yokudan or Ancient Nord Motifs?

Since there is a motif for historical armor already in existence (Ancient Elf), will we ever see other cultures' historical armor styles as motifs? For instance, Yokudan style armor is already in game as VR 11 and 12 gear from Craglorn, and Draugr armor has been in since launch. Will players ever be able to craft these sort of armor themselves, rather than relying on drops for them?

I'd really like to see a Yokudan Motif in Upper Craglorn personally.


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  • xaraan
    I wouldn't mind an Akiviri motif myself.
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  • Nox_Aeterna
    Dunno , personally i already gave up on getting any of the rare motifs , after the nerf i never got any motif again and i mean any , not even one of the normal ones for months now lols.

    I regret not farming motifs like others did , now i miss them on my char.
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  • gamerb14_ESO9
    I'm a bit torn on this. I love crafting and the more styles the merrier, but at the same time I feel some things should *not* be craftable and only be available from drops. That makes them all the more special for those who can obtain them. I know I'm cutting my own throat on this as I am a sole PVE player and haven't done group dungeons nor see that as much as a possibility going forward, but that doesn't change my thoughts on this.
  • KriHavok
    They talked about the Imperial-Daedric and Dwemer crafting styles at Quakescon, alongside some guild-specific armors such as the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. However, not the Yokudan or Ancient Nord, so perhaps they will come later on.

    But what I do see coming is that they will become situational to the new zones that ESO release over time, such as the Imperial City in Cyrodiil will have the Imperial-Daedric crafting style motifs released with it presumably. So maybe if ESO pursued an update that would mean the return to Yokuda, it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a Yokudan crafting style motif.
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  • aipex8_ESO
    I like the idea of new armor types being drop only when the new zone that contains it first comes out. When the next zone comes out, then that motif becomes available for crafting and the next new one is drop only. I think this (or something similar) is the plan for seasonal items.
  • Mud_Puppy
    Well as there are Akaviri, Yokeda styles in the game. Myself among other do believe their should be uncraftable styles. Especially given that we can already craft 4 exotic motifs.

    Akaviri is pvp gear, yokeda is pve. Seems legitimate to have exotic motifs that can only be obtained in their respective element.
  • HeroOfEvbof
    Since we are playing in a time period with absolutely no recorded lore, I want everything to be possible. I want to go back in time and meet the Dwemer and get their secrets of blacksmithing. I want to go to Atmora and Yokuda. I want to go one-on-one with Hermeus Mora and wrest a secret from him.
    More, more, more!!!

    Anyways, since update 3, I have farmed four purple recipes but only one purple motif. My lower level toons farm one blue recipe every other day but a blue motif only once every five days. This seems to indicate that motif farming is quite hard right now.
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