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Banished Cells Vet Group Dungeon Bonebreaker and Dremora Slayer Achievements

What does Zenimax not understand about group play? Example Banished Cells Veteran Dungeon Bonebreaker (Kill 120 skeletons) and Slayer (Kill 300 Dremora) for the 10 point achievements for each.
If you go in to accomplished those achievements with a group, the player who gets in the final death blow gets the kill point. That totally contradicts the concept of group play and Banished Cells is and I quote a "GROUP" dungeon. If Zenimax whats to force the player to play solo for those achievements then take them out of the veteran group dungeons and either put them out in the environment or in a solo dungeon.
As it is right now a group would have to stay in the dungeon for hours or come back several times for everyone in the group to finally chalk up enough kills to accomplish each. Not to mention trying to do this achievement solo in a veteran dungeon you are looking at groups of 6 to to 10 vet level mobs that the solo player would have to deal with at the same time. I don't care how good a vet players is that feat would be difficult for any player to achieve especially when in a boxed room with little maneuverability space. Come on Zenimax wake up and smell the roses here. It is group or solo play. If group then everyone in the group should get credit for a kill. This also holds true for all the other Slayer achievement for the other Veteran Group Dungeons.
  • Magdalina
    Huh? I never tested this for sure, but at least I seem to get credit for kills as a healer...which, pretty sure, means I very rarely, if ever, land the last hit lol.
    I don't know, my dps friends don't seem to have much trouble with their achievements either. I mean yes, they do take time and quite a few reruns, but number of kills doesn't seem to depend on who lands last hit.
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