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Breaking Bandaids

Soul Shriven
Greetings, friends. I am the Egg Brother named Bandaids-Their-Booboos. I mend the wounds of the weary and channel the sun to burn the foes. There is something I feel I must get off my scaled back. My wife and son would never believe me if they found out.
Being an Argonian of Templar affiliation, gold has been thin in my pack. I seek and seek, yet can not find viable income. I try cooking Kwama recipes for pay to no avail. I smelt and forge armor of iron to no avail. The Ebonheart Pact has no use for such. My brother-in-law, a Nord guard named Hjank, brought me on a moon sugar bust one day. He told me moon sugar was a large underground market. I saw gold in my eyes.
I approached an old friend, a Breton named Jessenton Pinkamn, and we partnered up making the moon sugar. We worked in his caravan cart, secluded in the middle of the desert. Silly Jessenton was confused at my moon sugar, blue as the brightest Summer sky in the Alikir deserts. He said he'd rather add his own secret ingredient, his trademark moon sugar with juniper berries. Amateur. He is only level 3 in Provisioning anyways. He has much to learn.
--Argonian Templar of the Pact
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