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Public Dungeons/Group Dungeons Help

I would like to ask for some help with public dungeons and some group ones. I tried to do the public ones solo but I just get killed in seconds. I also have some group ones that I would like help with. I am currently at Razak's wheel. If any one could help me do some of these it would make me happy. Also if you want you could add me in game even if its just temporary. If this is in the wrong section of the forum please move it if it needs to.

Until people decide to help I will continue to do other things and will keep an eye on this post. Just tried to do the one I described and one of the people in the group said I suck. was not my fault I was trying to progress and they took long to move. I will only take people that are respectful to me. I was never in any group what so ever in eso and the way I was treated just now I will NOT accept.

If ZOS sees this please close this thread as I found someone in game that is helping me complete things and in so this thread is no longer needed.
Edited by NightDragon on August 17, 2014 3:03AM
  • Magdalina
    You may want to mention what server, alliance, level, class and role you are for us to be able to help you;)

    Edit: oh, lol, nvm, glad you found your help^^
    Edited by Magdalina on August 19, 2014 12:13PM
  • Bandras
    If you are on the EU server and a daggerfall player, send me a tell when you're on and I will help you get through these dungeons.

    IGN: Bandras
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