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grouping tool need random feature

Just wander if there is others who would like to be able to tag for let say :

One of the 1-5 dungeon
One of the 6-10 dungeon
one of the 6 dungeon
one of the 7 dungeon(CoH included)

I would like to see such option in order to tag faster .
Yesterday I tag for wayrest sewer and waited for 15mn alone ...Then I thought that I try to add another role (I mainly tank and i have added dps role) doing so i forget to select wayrest again so was tagging fungal grotto (anoying ) and then instant tag in a full group. Run was smooth and we did the undaunted achievement.
This is just to illustrate that sometime I m sure poeple leave the queue because they are waiting for so long due to the fact that poeple tag for different dungeon.

What do you think? Would you use such option if they exist ?

PS: sorry for my english
Edited by schroed360 on August 14, 2014 10:04AM
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