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Need help with DK stam build.

I want to have a stamina based attack with magic support for group play and synergy. Im not sure what utility skills to pick and not sure what to put on my second bar at all.
  • t.steve1991ub17_ESO
    Should mention I use a 2h weapon atm
  • blinded-no-moreb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I have played that build for most of the game ( I am currently maxing out all skilllines in the weapon and armor compartment) and what I usually did was morph ur cleave into the dmg shield and use dark talons to keep everything in place. If ur looking for group skills u might want to look into your earthen heart skillline and pick up igneous weapon and the shield skill. Also, get the green dragon blood skill to heal urself with and get ur stam regen up.

    Do mind that the support that u can offer with a stambuild is limited as most of ur classskills are costly magicawise so u want to save those skills for when it matters and don't spam them.

    Lastly, I'm 1 of those hypocritical dk's as I am a vampire. Those skills make most fights doable cuz the drain not only keeps u alive but also restores stamina to use more weapon abilities with and the ult will keep u alive in just about every fight.

    Luxis Firemane: Dragonknight, vampire, gentleman !!!
  • ZoM_Head
    I am sorry to say, but my DK stamina build is being destroyed by my second DK build, a Pyromancer basically when it comes down to AOE and CC.

    Not sure if i will ever go back to him, if i do....i maybe need to rethink the attributes and skills a but to be effective. But what i learned is that stamina based builds (for those that do not sneak and do not use a bow) is just underpowered drastically compared to mages.

    ZOS knows about this, and they are slowly improving weapons and armour....we shall see.
    mDKs still need a lot of love!
  • Stranglehands
    I find my all medium armour stamina dragonknight to be a lot better than my 5 light 2 heavy fire wizard dragonknight, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. The main problem is he's too fragile, he dies if you look at him funny even though I've specced into heavy armour passives, put attrib points into health, etc. Maybe the problem is I need to work out how to use the (mostly melee range) DK class abilities effectively, but yet not hang around in melee range of the mobs
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  • ZoM_Head
    Got to ask, what weapons are you looking at? Then we can put together something for you. Got a DK tank/aoe build on stamina using 1h and 2h and doing great dmg in veteran dungeons, anchors, solo world bosses etc.
    mDKs still need a lot of love!
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