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Sorcerer/Archer or Elemental Archer ;)

Soul Shriven
hey guys, ive been playing a sorcerer for a while now just a plain sorcerer nothing fancy, destro staff,CCs here and there, BUT ive been thinking about making a new toon because i love bows, every MMO ive played ive always picked the archer class while sorcery remains my second option, in ESO theres no archery class which sucks! and a lot of people play nightblade archers, but to be honest out of all the build ive seen and made my self as nightblade i didnt like them one bit, the only good thing about it i believe is stealth thats about it SOOOO, i decided to play around with sorcerer and a bow, so i came up with a build that seems to me pretty sweet, i havent tested it yet beucase leveling is a pain and before i commit to it i would like to see some feedbacks, so here it is guys please let me know what you think, :D
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