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Any active guilds at all do Craglorn?

I been advertising in the chat that I been looking for a guild (USA, EST time) That does craglorn stuff (everything and trials of course) most during the evening time every day. So far turned up nothing so far. I been unable to find any active guilds at all. Is the population for ESO just extremely low? I can't tell at all since I can't find a guild at all. :(

I want to enjoy the game but I can't solo Craglorn or Trials obviously as a Templar v12 Healer.
  • Ateameric
    Me too, I am looking for member to finish all quest on craglorn.
  • Kcttocs
    the problem with craglorn and quests are that your group has to be at the same exact part of the quest, i.e., start the main quest with you. I found out the hard way after bashing through a lot of content to find the one room, forgot the quest that have the three tiles you have to stand on, to be blocked... pissed me off. I am going to abandon the quest and attempt to group again. It was just two of us vr12 templars, and we seemed to be able to handle most of the content. I died once, he died 3 or 4 times :). If you play mornings or afternoons, send me a message and I'll be happy to group with you.
  • Cody
    im in a guild that does craglorn runs every weekend. check out
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