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Follower/Companions for hire

This thread it so highlight my characters who are open to becoming temporary Followers/Companions for those interested. Individual details an rates will be listed individually for each one. Also note this thread is for my characters, so I would kindly ask to refrain from adding your own and make your own threads. All infomation about the characters are left vague purposely as further information would have to be gathered from interaction. Questions and such are free to be posted. Note these characters will be fully In character during sessions (as thats how I usually play anyway) and will be very little ooc speak unless specified. This will be updated with more characters to hire and with thier progresses in time.

If interested send mail to @reagenlionel to the character wish to hire.


Valeria Phoenixfire

Age: 20
Half Nord/Half breton hunter from Skyrim. Kind hearted by nature, has a strange inherited trait to producing fire thats not entirely arcane in nature. Often imbues weapons with this fire trait and on occasions releases a fiery burst in combat.
She journeys while looking for someone that went missing in her life over a decade ago.

Primary Skills:
Archery, Dual Wield , Blades, Clothier, Woodworking, Enchanting, Athletics, Sneak, Medium Armor

- Dislike crime and "bad" things but will tolerate without reporting depending on severity (with exception to crimes commited against her).
- Offers her services within the territories of Stonefalls, Deshaan, Shadowfen and Cyrodil.
- Will follow most orders that doesnt conflict the first with reserving the right to deny.
- Dislikes actively participating in the war effort in Cyrodil for her personal reasons, but would gladly do anything else within the province.

150+ gold (varies on ingame time length,negotiatable)



Gargreion Garrison

Age: 47
A exiled Nord from Skyrim, exiled from all provinces of Skyrim due to the holds thier conflictions and his actions. Revered as a Dark Knight. Noted to be once part of more than one barbarian tribe once upon a time. Mature, masculine, disciplined, wise and very angry, he is knowledgeable in the dark arts of magicka as well as the blade.

Primary Skills:
Two handed, Unarmed, Heavy Armor, Mysticism, Speech, Alteration. Provisions, Block, Blades

-Does not care for any crimes commited, only against himself
- Offers his services in Auridon, Grahtwood, Greenshade and Cyrodil
- Will follow most if not all orders given while under contract.
-though he has little to no remorse he does hold a degree of honor.

400 gold - (full in game 2 hours)
-Subsequent time and pay beyond above depends on his mood.
- Will accept alternate methods of payment if discussed before hand.


Sender Soulstealer

Age: appears late 20's to early 30's
An imperial man who had been in Coldharbor for a very long time his name and history are long lost to him, and he even doubts his own existence of even having one. He gained the name Sender while in coldharbor but the reason and by whom is long lost to him. Adopting the surname Soulstealer, being that he was very good at it.

Primary Skills:
Dual Wield, Blades, Two handed, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Sneak, Mystisicm, Altheltics

-Does not care of commited crimes (other than against himself)
- Only offers his services in Glenumbra, Stormhaven and Cyrodil, will refuse going anywhere farther.
- Will follow all orders given to him while under contract.
- Will carry items.

100 gold and 1 filled soul gem (type any)




Reagen Lionel

Age: 31

A knight that belonged to a few different orders, one of them being the Knights of the Flame. He's broken away from any particular order, Going as a traveling knight through Daggerfall, carving a path for himself. He's in what he calls a Mystic Knight.
being strong in the use of sword and shield, but also adept in the use of magic. Unlike most knights, he wears only few equipment that is heavy and plated such as pauldrons and greaves. Perferring the lighter leather and clothed armors elsewhere for ease of movement and flexibility. The reasons he broke from the knight orders he avoids saying if he could. Kind hearted and generous, he is friendly to most and unprejudiced.

Primary Skills:
One handed, blades, block, heavy armor, medium armor, destruction, restoration, illusion, mysticism, alteration.

-Dislikes crime, but may consider if he feels it is the right thing to do.
-Offers his services in Glenumbra, Rivenspire, Stormhaven and Bangkorai.
-Holds a degree of honor of respect, even before his enemies if he warrants it, certain orders he may deny if he feels them too dishonorable.

150 gold minimum (negotiable based on time)
Will accept alternate methods of payment for the poor or those unwilling to pay.


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  • reagen_lionel
    Dieiyna Dark

    Age: ??

    A Dunmer whose much of her life has been within Oblivion. Not native to Tamriel in the slightest except by her race. She holds a very sinister nature about her, buried behind many facades. Her very being is constantly urged to kill and cause suffering, taking delight in others torment and despair. She embraces murder betrayal and even thievary as long as its not her. Strangely by her nature, she holds restorative druidic like capabilities opposing to her nature, however just like her, these powers are corrupt.

    Primary Skills:
    Two Handed, Blades, Mysticism, restoration, heavy armor, medium armor, alteration, alchemy, Sneak, Speech. Illusion

    -Does not care about crimes commited.
    -Offers her services in Stonefalls, Deshaan and Shadowfens.
    -Will follow all orders given to her while under contract.
    -Will carry items.

    10 gold (xtimes lvl of client) for an hour+
    5 gold (xtimes lvl of client) for less than an hour




    Xushin Phoenixfire

    Age: 25

    A Breton man that disappeared for 15 years off the face of Nirn. He recently returned only to find all of Tamriel is in chaos and war. He's a breton traveling swordsman. He lived in Skyrim prior to his unexpected disappearance, leaving a daughter behind. Due to his appearance and mannerisms, its common many mistake him for a nord. He even has some nord traits for spending alot of time in Skyrim. He possesses a strange power of fire that is not arcane in nature, and alot of what he truly does and knows is left in mystery and overshadowed by his lax and joking but confident (and borderline cocky) nature. Though his power over fire isnt arcane, he holds a very good understanding of magic.Obviously that he's made considerable study, though one wouldnt expect it from him. Since his return, he has very little interest in the war, or who wins. He often travels between the provinces of both what is now the Ebonheart pact and the Daggerfall Covenent even still. Bravely traversing directly across Cyrodil on a regular basis. He does enjoy the chaos the war ensues and the opportunities for battles and fights as well as other things it brings. He doesnt openly state what all allegience he aligns with, and when ask, he says who ever takes claim to the province he is in at that moment.

    Primary Skills:
    Two handed, Blades, Destruction, Provisions, Medium armor, Light armor, clothier, Mysticism, Athletics, Speechcraft.

    - Does not care of crimes commited (except against himself) but will deny any crime that could put his personal status in serious jeopardy or putting him under suspicion as a spy.
    - Will offer his service in the following Ebonheart provinces: Stonefalls, Deshaan, Shadowfens, The Rift, and Eastmarch, Cyrodil
    - Will offer his service in the following Daggerfall provinces: Stormhaven, Glenumbra, Rivenspire, Bangkorai, Cyrodil
    - Will carry items

    200 gold minimum (varies based on time hired, negotiable)





    Age: ???

    An Imperial divine priest's soul, taken by a deadra. Constructed as an experiment before being suddenly casted back into Tamriel. No recollection of his past life. His being is constructed of being a mortal embodiment of a Storm Atronach. He still harbors most of his past personality and traits. Old in appearance and unaging, he finds himself upon the coast of the Auridon, one of the Summerset Isles of the High Elves. Being a legionare before his preisthood, he reuses his expertise with the shield and mace imbued with his lightning powers when he needs.

    Primary Skills:
    Destruction, Block, Light armor, Blunt, One Handed

    -No longer having a moral connection to the world. He will let some crimes slide, however his previously being a preist, he wont allow others to go unnoticed.
    - Offers his services within any of the Summerset Isles, Grahtwood, Greenshade and Cyrodil.

    - 15 gold (xtimes level of client) for any length of time.
    - Is willing to allow alternate compensation if the fee cannot be met.
    - will carry items


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  • Reymas
    I really dig this. You should post it on As a practical-rper I really appreciate that you are charging real in-game gold, too, it makes things much more immersive than just emoting that I'm giving you gold, IMO.

    Sadly, my character would never hire anyone but fellow Dunmer to serve him directly, as he is a stuffy old Dunmer himself.
    Honor, Duty and Piety for Morrowind
  • reagen_lionel
    Thank you. This is precisely what I planned to do. Unfortunately, not long after making this post, it became apparent I wouldnt be able to keep up my subscription at the time. So I didnt add more or post it in the other forum. I didnt want to put up information with me not actually being able to be online to fulfill contracts and requests.

    Now that my sub is back. Im adding the rest of the characters and will be making a post to that forum as well.

    Once again thank you very much.
  • reagen_lionel
    I should also mention this is for the NA servers.
  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    I like this idea, I hope it's working out for you. Personally I think your mercenaries should charge 1 gold per their level. After all, I'm certain you're not doing it for the coin, so I would try and limit that obstacle as much as possible.
    If you can be anything, be kind.
  • reagen_lionel
    Rev Rielle wrote: »
    I like this idea, I hope it's working out for you. Personally I think your mercenaries should charge 1 gold per their level. After all, I'm certain you're not doing it for the coin, so I would try and limit that obstacle as much as possible.

    I'm actually revising the prices this coming march depending on each characters demands to be more fair. Mostly was going for an average thats acceptable for all ranges of levels.
  • reagen_lionel
    made some adjustments to the pricing to make some characters be level based on the client. (mostly the ones who are negotiatble)

    I cant seem to be able to edit my original post anymore for some odd reason.
  • Gidorick
    This is a really wonderful idea... I may call upon your services. :wink:
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    That's right... Horse.
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