NPCs in Dungeons.

Soul Shriven
I am not usually one to rant and rave, but I have to say that the issues caused by NPCs destroying dungeons runs has got to the point where I feel compelled to post.

Doors not opening because the NPC is stuck further back down the dungeon, encounters not starting because the NPCs wont start a dialogue. NPCs getting beat to a pulp by bosses for 25mins but not dying/resetting. There are work arounds to some of these issues but that's not the point.

It takes long enough to find a group, then to not be able to finish a run because the game mechanics prevent you from progressing is beyond annoying. Its nice that new things are being added to the game but any chance the bread and butter stuff can be properly fixed?

Saw these in the latest patch notes:

•We have evaluated all Group Dungeon quests, and potential issues that could prevent quest progression have been resolved.
•We have evaluated all Group Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses, and have resolved multiple instances where bosses could become stuck or not reset properly

I had hoped to see an end to the most of the above issues.. Tuesday Vet Spindle and NPC didn't open a door after a boss encounter, couldn't progress. Tonight Vet Wayrest Sewers and get to last encounter.. nothing spawns..

Anyways thanks, whinge over - back to enjoying most of the game.
(Sorry if this is posted in wrong area)
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