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Mesacliese Damadore Chronicles Pt. 1

Soul Shriven
Mesacliese Damadore takes a hard step towards the snarling and drooling giant as a fire rages in his eyes. The giant's offensive breath covered Mesacliese's entire body like a hot blanket with every exhale. As a smile becomes plastered across Mesacliese's face, the giant swings down his massive club. Mesacliese barrel rolls to the left in an attempt to dodge the powerful attack. The monsters club becomes lodged into the ground. Mesacliese takes this chance to strike as the monster struggles. As he lunges towards the monsters unprotected ribcage, Mesacliese unsheathed his battle axe and trusted it into the monsters chest. The giant let's out a roar in anger as he strikes Mesacliese with the back of his hand. He lands into a puddle several yards away. Mesacliese stands to his feet still smiling. The giant, club in hand, stands ready for another go. Mesacliese then does what the giant does not expect. In one powerful motion, Mesacliese tosses his mighty battle axe at the monstrous being. The giant was unable to react in time causing the battle axe to pierce his skull. - as told by Jameson Quintus
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