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Glenumbra Locked

I am currently unable to play at all because I manually went to Glenumbra. Originally the issue was that whenever I tried to use a shrine to head to any of the shrines in Glenumbra it would crash and load be back to where I was before.

I then tried to go by land, and when I tried to go from Stormhaven to Glenumbra, it crashed again. Only, this time when I log in, it automatically crashes without letting me do anything.

I know the ESO support team has a lot to do, but this has made me completely unable to play my main, and I humbly request that if it is within their power, to at least move my character Gronivere to somewhere else, anywhere else. So that I can at least log in and play in parts of the game that are not Glenumbra.
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