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Veteran FG -- What the heck happened???

So, I went back into Vet. FG today (this morning) with a group to help them out a bit. They were all new so I was explaining the boss fights to them.

When we get to Vila Theran, I find out that the shackle/sword phase no longer executes you and the beam phase does not require as much distance as before.

Also, Ciirenas the Shepherd's spider pets die as soon as she does.

I mean...I don't remember seeing these in patch notes. Sure, they are minor changes, but it makes the fights easier...I think it was an unnecessary nerf, in my opinion. These dungeons need to be challenging...don't nerf them like that.

The Vila Theran fight really upset me...I did that fight the "hard" way. It was fun working out the mechanics and it made me not only a better player personally but a better member of a group.

  • mousekime111rwb17_ESO
    the shackle doesn't execute any more? I just did vr fungal in my guild without once failing to remove the shackles because we thought that they did execute ;___;
  • _subjectnamehere_
    Nope...try to ignore the shackle next time. My group of new players ignored me while I was shackled down and I did not die. Either the change was intentional or it is a bug.
    Edited by _subjectnamehere_ on July 30, 2014 3:50AM
  • Magdalina
    I dunno, this seems a bug for me. I do know what you're talking about. I also know she now does ALL of her specials at once sometimes instead of cycling through them - you can get Mysery, chained down and 4 shadow guys AT once-.- Oh, and don't forget that spider portal later on triggering on players on fricking other end of the room, the damn thing has grabbed me like from the bridge.
    Oh, also, Mysery sometimes bugs out and gets invisible, and Vila Theran just disappears in thin air fir a few mins occasionally.

    I say the place is riddled with bugs they should fix ASAP>.< Seriously, having bugged dungeons is not cool.

    That said, even if the changes you mentioned were a planned nerf, I wouldn't be too upset over it. IMO the most challenging fight there is the spider with portal, followed by last boss. Vila was always pretty doable once you know the mechanics.
  • Cody
    I reported it. a few weeks later it was still bugged:(

    I knew that ZOS tolerated and protected cheaters and exploiters, but I did not know they did not care about a bugged dungeon. okay that is a little mean, point is, they need to fix it. though I am sure it is fixed by now.... I HOPE anyway:/
    Edited by Cody on August 15, 2014 6:09AM
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