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Lighting Tornado Build

Lighting Tornado

The electric self-healing AoE monster, the Lighting Tornado build for Sorcerers.

(full build at

This is the build I’ve recently submitted to ESO Community and I wanted to share it here.

The idea of the build is to rush into combat, draw as much attention as possible, and start letting out devastating area damage that self-heals you. The more people around you, the easier it is to stay alive. Plus, you have the ability to escape, heal, regenerate resources, and fight on. Utilizing class abilities and Dual Wielding, the Sorcerer can be a hasty self-healing juggernaut, and here’s how.
Primary Bar (Dual Wield)
  • Critical Surge (Surge morph) – My entire build hinges on this ability being active at all times. It gives health up to 65% of critical weapon damage dealt, and even weapon based abilities. Once morphed, you’ll understand the power of critical hit damage and barely see your health bar drop in combat.
  • Boundless Storm (Lighting Form morph) – This ability really adds high damage for targets near to me, but it does so much more. Boundless Storm not only increases my armor and spell resistances to overcharged, but it gives a huge speed boost for chasing down enemies. This is the Lighting, next comes the Tornado.
  • Steel Tornado (Whirlwind morph) – Remember when I said you can get up to 65% health back for critical hits? Once morphed, this ability hits enemies within an 11 meter radius! Moreover, it gets more effective the lower the enemies’ health. With the two abilities above active, you’ll have overcharged armor, lighting damage to all nearby targets, and self-heals for everyone hit by Tornado. The combination thus far is jaw dropping, but we’re not done.
  • Shrouded Daggers (Hidden Blade morph) – Daggers gives you some added range, another AoE ability, and a snare for chasing down enemies. This ability can hit hard and yes, it heals you too.
  • Crystal Fragments (Crystal Shards morph) – Originally I thought Boundless Storm was bad considering I have to keep casting it every six seconds. But paired up with Crystal Fragments, it becomes a devastating combination. Crystal Frags morphed stuns enemies, heals me for damage dealt, and can be used at range. Every Sorc that hears the proc sound of Frags lights up because they know a devastating attack is up next.
  • Ultimate Flawless Dawnbreaker (Dawnbreaker morph) – Dawnbreaker by itself is an ineffective morph when fighting non-deadric creatures. Once it’s morphed, however, you’ll have a passive weapon damage bonus. The harder you hit, the more health you receive. I just swap bars to drop my major ultimate and leave this up for a passive damage boost.

Secondary Bar (Restoration Staff)
  • Streak (Bolt Escape morph) – The concept behind my secondary bar is escaping and healing up if I get in trouble. Streak allows me to zone away from enemies while stunning them. If I get in trouble with low stamina, I’ve got another trick.
  • Retreating Maneuvers (Rapid Maneuver morph) – This allows me to break roots and increase speed by 30%. And it does stack with Boundless Storms making for one fast Sorc. Moreover, it helps my party and nearby allies so I think it’s a must have for PvP or PvE.
  • Unstoppable (PvP) (Immovable morph) or Mages Fury (PvE) (Mages Wrath morph) – If I’m roaming Cyrodill, Unstoppable has to be on my bar. A crowd control immunity stamina based ability that also adds armor. It’s basically an alternative to Boundless Storms that helps me from being stun locked. If I’m playing some PvE, I prefer Mages Fury for a finisher.
  • Healing Springs (Grand Healing morph) – If our team gets into trouble or I myself need some more heals, I’ll zoom away and spam cast Healing Springs healing to full. It’s a great AoE heal that can really make or break your team.
  • Dark Exchange (Dark Deal morph) – Exchange allows me to transfer stamina into magicka. I often run low continually casting Boundless Storm, just swapping and a quick channel before I’m back into the fight.
  • Ultimate – Absorption Field (Negate Magic) – Probably the second best ultimate in the game (next to Standard of Might), Absorption Field stuns, heals, and prevents people from casting. I like to use Crystal Frags to slow them down, throw a dagger to slow them, and bang drop a field on them and destroy them

After that you’re probably wanting to play the build, I know I am. But making sure you have the right items can make or break the Lighting Tornado.
Attributes and Gear

I go full on 49 points into Health. I reach the soft cap for health (roughly 2500) and max stamina with food at 2000. For gear, I use the Hundings Rage set for increased weapon damage and stamina recover and Nightmothers for an armor de-buff. Since critical percentage is so important, I use five pieces of medium armor and two light. Combine this with two swords of precise trait, you can reach over 50% critical hit chance. Finally, I top it off with the Thief Mundus stone to hit even harder. I can even reach the hard cap for weapon power.

Any thoughts regarding the guild?
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