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Patch Download Access Denied

pixmation wrote: »
Everytime there is a patch, large or small. The Launcher will produce Access Denied Error and need to Repair which result in download the entire game all over and verify. That will take a good 4-8 hours. This getting tiresome.

Running 10.9.3, 32GB RAM, Mac Pro Early 2009.

A 26GB download is no joke, and in my country with my slow internet the download can take 8-12 Hours. This has been a recurring issue with Mac users and one that has not been addressed by ZOS, to my knowledge, in a public post. I appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into this, and I know that you know of the launcher problems, but if you have found a solution to any of these specific cases I would like to request that you make that solution public so that I don't have to go through the tedious system of addressing it on a 1-to-1 basis with you. If the details were included in a public post I could easily access it and possibly solve it on my own without bothering you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • Moonraker
    First it is not a Mac client specific bug as it has been reported on PC client also from forum searches previously. It is not posted much so appears more player computer specific.

    Check the suggestions in the other thread you quoted first to begin to check possible issues which is most likely permissions on your Mac problem.

    In these cases it may be better to try a complete uninstall including ALL client files (Zenimax folder in Applications, plus the Elder Scrolls Online folder in Documents (backup as it contains screenshots) Then a clean install to eliminate any corruption issues in existing files. I am not sure that the re-download does actually replace all files correctly or permissions.

    For setting permissions correctly;

    The Zenimax Online folder and contents is default to Read & Write for everyone to allow the Launcher to update files correctly. At least that is how the permissions are by default. As well as 'Me'.

    You can set those permissions and apply to all enclosed files by doing as @chi_ras suggests by;

    Navigate to the Zenimax Online folder;
    /Applications/Zenimax Online

    Right Click on the folder and select Get Info.

    At the bottom under Sharing & Permissions (may need to click show drop down menu) Click the padlock icon on the bottom right and enter your Admin password at the prompt.

    Set all the groups to Read & Write permissions. It's the way it is by default. Then click the small black cogwheel bottom left and select;

    Apply to enclosed items...

    Confirm and it will quickly update the folder and contents permissions.

    You may want to reboot and then try again and see if it helps.

    It's important that the user has full Admin access on their Mac OS X account.

    Any other details you can provide would help such as system details and network connection etc. You don;t give any in your OP.
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