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FoolishLittleMortal's Art

Wanted to surprise my friend with some fanart of our ESO characters.
We had them do the Ritual of Mara a while back, so I thought it was fitting to make something cute. ~ c:

Tayanna is my character, Edd belongs to my friend.

  • Scyrinal
    Adorable! Also you have great art skills!
  • FoolishLittleMortal
    Thank you. c:
  • Evergnar
    Hug stuns and immobilizes for 3.5 seconds. Wonderful work.
  • FoolishLittleMortal
    lol. The game needs a /hug emote. (Make it happen Zenimax.)
    And thank you. ~ c:
  • Tigeracer
    I am a manly man, so I shall refrain from using words like adorable and cute, but you have excellent art skills to say the least. I can't wait to show my girlfriend this.

    @Evergnar‌, that's pretty much the first thing I thought after seeing it
  • FoolishLittleMortal
    lol. But you just did. ;p
    And thank you. c:
  • Whisper292
    How did I miss this on dA? This really is adorable.
    Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one. - William Shakespeare
  • Shinshadow
    This is amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your work :-)
  • kadochka
    This is oh-so-adorable in every aspect! The art style! the intention! Aah, I hope you and your characters are happy forever after!! :heart:
    if I could make another character, their name would be Cries-For-Character-Slots. AKA, I need more.

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