Crimson Cove public dungeon - Boss Viro Redhands

In "Crimson Cove", the malabal tor public dungeon, i cannot find boss Viro Redhands. I know where it's supposed to spawn, but it never spawns. I ve taken a party of 8 and put them to camp the other bosses' spawn points and kill them as soon as they respawn, while i was camped at Viro Redhands' point. No matter how long i waited or how many times we killed the other bosses, Viro Redhands never spawns. I think (sarc) it's bugged...

If I can't kill him, I can't get the achievment and points.
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  • Rm4g3dD0v
    He just spawned infront of me...
    I guess it was a kinda Murphy's Law.
    I had to whine to the forums for the coward to appear...
  • Bollerlotte
    he spawns if you got the quest, and you come along (on a certain walkway). other wise he is not there all the time.
  • Artemiisia
    public dungeons and now cyrodil dungeon boss spawn timers are a pain in the ....
  • Lamebe
    Soul Shriven
    how long did you need to wait for him to spawn??

    i'm here already like more then 1 hour and there still no sign of Viro Redhands :open_mouth:
  • Artemiisia
    found out, you will have to kill the other bosses, and the randomly spawn, so keep killing all the bosses in the cave until the right one spawns
  • F7sus4
    Some sleepy genius in ZOS put one 0 too much in the respawn timer number for this particular boss, and that's the whole mystery here. (No, they don't bother to fix such a petty things.)
  • vaagventje17eb17_ESO
    This problem still persist
  • quanta84
    Soul Shriven
    I don't know what is the respawn time, but make sure you are looking in the right place. My addon marked Viro in the wrong spot. The correct map coordinates are 86.90 29.50 (it's about halfway to the top platform).
  • Gabonadder
    by far the most anoying boss respawn system ever! been waiting over a hour and viro didnt respawn
    in the time i have ben waiting i saw someone else kill rokul beneath
    even when rokul respawn after that viro didn't!
  • Gabonadder
    im still killing al kind of bosses in crimson crove except for *** viro man im mad right now
  • thelastNoble
    It's been a couple days of me going back and forth to check and he still isn't spawning for me either

    edit: sat and waited for 3 hours while doing homework, he never appeared
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  • Lylith
    good to see this 'feature' remains in the game. :/

  • Mcrakin
    This is still an issue :-(
  • boomer84
    yes... i am waiting for 30min atm and he is not there. ZOS this is poor...

    I found him. They have changed his location. He is not on the plattform of the tribok. Now he is in the tunnel to the Boss/Questboss upstairs.
    Edited by boomer84 on February 24, 2017 7:31PM
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