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No Credit for Lower Craglorn Cave Delver Achievement

Don't know if anyone else has run into this glitch but I completed all 12 of the Craglorn caves/dungeons. I received the point achievements for each one except the Lower Craglorn Cave Delver which gives 15 achievement points for completing them all. For some reason the only one checked when opening up the Lower Craglorn Cave Delver achievement was the Tombs of the Na-Tatambu all the others that I had completed were unchecked.
  • Kayira
    If you have done a dungeon before the new update then it won't appear in the dungeon delver achievement because it was bugged at that point. If you have completed after 1.2 it will count towards the Lower Craglorn Cave Delver. I hope they fix it soon for the people that did it pre 1.2...
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  • ptheoretpreub18_ESO
    I have the same problem.
  • ZOS_TristanK
    We're still in the process of identifying the underlying issue for why Cave Delver isn't popping up when it should. Do you folks mind submitting bug reports in-game using the /bug feature? Doing this will help our Dev Team root out what exactly the issue is.
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  • Asia_Skyly
    Same issue here. My problem is with Rkundzelft, but otherwise the exact same problem. The delve does not appear completed, but I completed it several times.
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