Cursor Mode Bug

Every since BETA, I have been having problems with my game defaulting back into cursor mode randomly, or what I thought was random, during gameplay. Once bugged, it will revert back to cursor mode after opening any other screens (i.e. maps, inventory, etc...). I have to keep hitting "." to get it back to play mode.

However, in my recent discoveries... I have found that this actually begins to happen after I use the "Buy Multiple" option with vendors. As soon as I complete my purchase -- cursor mode is bugged. The only way to fix this that I have found thus far is to log/re-log. I saw a cursor mode issue in the "Known Issues" but wanted to make sure you were aware what was causing this. Anyone else have this problem?
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  • CoUsT
    I experienced this once few days ago. That was really frustrating. Now you found what is causing this, thanks!
  • Kevinmon
    Whoa seriously, buy multiple is what's causing it? WOW! Gonna try this tonight. THANK YOU!
  • AureateRN
    It is late March 2015, after the big B2P release, and it is still happening, and precisely as you described. Thank you so much for posting this. I was indeed multi-purchasing stuff, had it happen, logged off, finished buying, had it happen again, and exited the game and came here for a solution. Thanks to YOU, this time I found one! Yay!

    <><><>Now an aside related to the intro about the Crown Store from ZOS. No need to read if you're not interested in character creation/modification which was alluded to but not mentioned directly above.<><><>

    Costumes are not "great cosmetic" items, as stated above. I think that was more than a bit misleading to new buyers and returning players. It gives the impression that ZOS has finally, at long last, a year after release and the first reported issues, fixed the character creation and modification issues as repeatedly discussed and repeatedly stated would be done at "a future date". A lot of pet projects, large and small, HAVE been finished in the past year, many extremely work intensive. Most (if not all current-day) MMORPGs offer character customization/change options within the structure of the game. This is not an unreasonable request in a game as dependent upon immersion as ESO.

    Fun and nice as they are, the costumes are NOT cosmetics, nor are they the fix we have oh so patiently awaited (while faithfully paying our subscriptions)...they're just a temporary cover-up. We can already customize our armor, so that "wedding dress" which actually works quite well for RP on male characters, I've observed, who like those "linebacker in full pads" shoulders and exaggerated ...pecs and minimized hips, is a unique and imaginative addition to our wardrobes as are the other specialty costumes. I love them! But, they are not cosmetics...badly needed cosmetic items like hair and makeup choices, and maybe some more interesting one-off motifs for outfits, male/female/gender nonspecific that are lore friendly. THAT would sell boxes AND have people mobbing the Crown Store.

    I comment because I care.

    Happy Travels and Best Wishes for Continued Success!

    "...people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche~

  • TheRealDoc
    I had this the other day and thought it was a random UI glitch and relogged. I had also just used buy multiple on some provisioning ingredients.

    For me the mouse cursor mode was enabled whenever it was needed (menu's, inventory, etc) and then not switched off when the screen was closed.

    Really annoying! Please fix as soon as possible! :smile:
  • Tempestive
    Soul Shriven
    This is also happening to me.
    You can manually disable it (default " . ") but it reappears every time you access a menu.
    The /reloadui command seems to temporarily resolve this.
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