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Kicked to Log-In with unknown error

I've been playing my nightblade character in Stormhaven for a few hours today without problems. I approached a cave (Can't remember the name). There were some other players present and I tried to do a /say to ask a question. My question didn't show up in chat window, and I tried again. Suddenly I was kicked back to Log-in screen with unknown error. I've logged back in successfully a couple of times, but whenever I try to load that character, I'm kicked back to log-in screen with unknown error.
Thanks for help.
  • rook75
    Wailing Caverns, due north of Flame keep same thing is happening to me. ESO support can you please have our characters moved from that hell hole? Or fix what is causing us to crash to character screen.
  • proplayr842002b14a_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Holy crap I'm having the same exact issue hahaha. Happened to me 2 nights ago was in that area went to do something noticed no one else was moving and bam kicked to login screen! Guess we will never get those guys back :( So sad I was loving my sorc
  • Caroloces
    Guess we will never get those guys back :( So sad I was loving my sorc
    No, your character isn't lost. Do a /bug by logging in with an alt character and report your problem. Support can then move your character outside the cave or to a wayshrine. It's happened to me twice, and both time zos support has moved my character out of the trouble zone so I could still use it.

    I just wish they would fix the problem.
  • c01212uqti0n
    Soul Shriven
    I am having an issue in Stormhaven as well. I am veteran 2 sorcerer. As soon as I select my character, the game starts to load and I get a glimpse of where I left off but then the game immediately freezes and I get dumped to my desktop and have to use task manager to end the online app because it's not responding. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks.
  • ZOS_AmeliaR
    For anyone encountering this issue only on characters that last logged out in Stormhaven, please post over in this thread so that we can create a ticket for you and have a GM move your character to a safe location.
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