Veteran Dungeon Achievements - # of Mobs Killed

Hello everyone,

I just did 10 runs of Veteran Wayrest Sewers. I noticed that my "Kill 350 Zombies" achievement popped, but my "Kill 40 Bone Colossus" achievement is only on 3...I know we killed way more than 3 of these guys.

Question: for some of these achievements, do you need to get the killing blow for it to count, or are some of these achievements bugged? I am seeing some inconsistent numbers on other achievements as well under the Veteran Dungeon category.

Any input is helpful.

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  • Neyephe
    I am almost positive you need the killing blow. I travel around with my husband on my healer and he has WAY more kills on his "kill enemy" achievements than I do. We kill the same mobs together... and I don't get credit for the kill on the achievement since by the end of most fights I'm trying to heal. Netches, for example... I only have 3/50 but he has 18/50 ... he never killed one without me.
  • _subjectnamehere_
    I personally believe this should be changed...I am helping to kill the mobs after all, whether or not I am a healer or DPS. By the sound of it, it looks like this "killing blow" thing applies to more than just veteran dungeons.

    Just my opinion, though.
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