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[NA] Clan Battle-Born [Heavy RP-PvP/PvE TS3]

Soul Shriven


Forged in the days of Ysgramor's return, Clan Battle-Born has stood steadfast in the protection of Skyim and her people. For generations since Jeek of the River's trek westward and the settling of Jorrvaskr have Battle-Born shed blood for the honour of Whiterun.

When Akavir's armies laid waste to Windhelm, Clan Battle-Born mourned the loss of their High-Queen. Rallying alongside the armies of Jorunn the Skald-Prince and Wulfharth they marched against the forces of Akivir.

Now, in this time of turmoil and great loss, Clan Battle-Born gathers in Windhelm; under the banner of High-King Jorunn the Skald-King in defense of Skyrim's people once more.


Clan Batle-Born's lineage has gone back thousands of years. To the time of Ysgramor's return. When Jeek of The River commanded the great ship Jorrvaskr. When Ysgramor's most trusted and greatest warriors traveled west and settled under the Skyforge. Clan Battle-Born's history is deep, and filled with stories of great battles and honour. Clan Battle-Born are steadfast friend's with their equally venerable Kinsmen, the Grey-Manes. As great warriors, blacksmiths, and farmers, the two clans stand as protectors of Whiterun, and the Nordic people's ancient traditions.

Within the last generation Clan Battle-Born has lost much at the hands of the Akaviri. Fewer in numbers, the clan now wishes to reclaim their honour. Clan Battle-Born now rallies their forces to march to Windhelm. To serve under High-King Jorunn. Eager to ride into Cyrodiil and kill as many of those who would wish to rule over them.


Do not commit murder.
- If you must, do it honourably. Challenge your opponent to fair combat.
Be brave. Always.
A Battle-Born’s honour is everything. Do not bring shame upon yourself or the clan.
Do not participate in petty thievery.

Do not take what you don’t need from the Guild Bank/Store.
Do not exploit or scam your fellow Guildmates.
Do not abuse or harass your fellow Guildmates.
Do not attempt to tarnish the reputation of a fellow Guildmate.
Do not participate in any activity that would negatively affect another Guildmate.
Do not participate in any behaviour or activities the would tarnish or otherwise negatively affect the reputation of the guild.


This guild is created and designed to reflect Clan Battle-Born of TES V: Skyrim, and their existence during the time of the Second Era and the Interregnum. This guild is a labour of love and is built from the view point of an admirer of the Clan and not simply born out of the inability to create an original idea.
The NPCs mentioned, such as the Clan Patron and his immediate family are subject to immediate change and revising following any future content releases from Zenimax Studios.
This guild is not exclusive to members of Clan Battle-Born and is open to all Nord characters from Whiterun, and the clan's allies.

Visit to complete an application.
Contact guild leader @Shieldbreaker in-game.

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