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Death Glitch

Soul Shriven
Here recently I have been experiencing an issue with my character dying while in the middle of reviving him either with a soul gem or at a way shrine. As soon as I raise him from the dead he falls over from death again with no reason behind it. Then when I am asked to revive him once more the game does not respond and I am stuck staring at the Death recap screen until I log out and back in. He also sometimes just randomly falls over dead just as I start to fight an enemy or when the game finishes from a load screen. This is very irksome as it is wasting my time and the gold I earned by having to buy more soul gems and constantly having to repair my armor because of this bizarre death hiccup. So far I have tolerated it in hopes it was just a fluke but it has become apparent that the issue needs some resolution. I am at a loss and I am hoping for some answers or someone to fix this.
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