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Mouse cursor does not return to reticle after opening container or book

Usually when you open a container, your inventory, or many other screens, the mouse turns to a pointer and moving it has no effect on your character.
Once you finish this, and return to the game, the mouse returns to a reticle and then moving the mouse will make your character return to moving.
Since patch, this doesn't work anymore. I look at a book or open inventory, and after closing the inventory, the mouse still remains as an arrow cursor.
if I type movement keys (WASD) then it returns to a reticle.
Is this some new setting? My wife's computer doesn't do this, just mine.
  • BalticBlues
    I also had this when I reassigned the middle mouse button.

    What fixed the problem for me:
    1. Apply standard key settings.
    2. Logoff and quit game.
    3. Start game, login (and optionally apply custom key settings again)
    Edited by BalticBlues on June 27, 2014 5:42PM
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