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PC crashing when trying to update to patch v1.2.3

Soul Shriven
i have been trying to update to patch v1.2.3 since it's out, however i am facing a problem - at some point the launcher crashes, and when i confirm the crash message that appears, my PC crashes with blue screen :o
This has happened 3 times so far. This has never happened to me before.
sometimes i start the launcher and it doesn't crash, but it always ends up with 'repair' issue and even after I repair, either i get another repair request or the crash happens.

I was thinking of re-installing the game - though i would prefer not to right now. after beta i wanted to uninstall the game in order to do a cleaner install, but once i removed it from add/remove programs it just removed the launcher. so my launcher has been working from the Zenimax directory ever since, it is not located in add/remove programs.

I haven't seen anyone on forums report this critical issue, hope you guys can help. :'(

  • DovahkiinKreiger313
    I feel your pain...I'm currently having trouble with even updating..I have re installed like 3 times and still nothing, deleted all old folders and things that could mess with the installation..I have repaired countless times lol.
  • MissT
    Soul Shriven
    Yesterday I gave up :\ so I uninstalled the game from the launcher and then re-installed from CD's.
    Then updating started (for the entire game since launch), and at some point it failed with 'repair' again.
    Then I uninstalled the game again and copied the client + updates from my BF instead of installing myself.
    Now the game works however game is filled with pink/purple texture. ground is pink everywhere i go.
    so we re-installed all Nvidia driver. didn't help, everything is still pink.
    Then I ran the launcher as administrator and repaired with admin role. still pink but less than before.
    Also had another crash last night at some point, not sure when.

    Not sure what to do next. reading forums and such to try to find solutions.
    I hope you find a solution that helps you! (*)
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  • DovahkiinKreiger313
    Jesus are you kidding me? I'm fed up with this game and I'm not playing anymore or subbing until its fixed or I get some damn technical support that's actually useful and not an email, or actually RECEIVE A PHONE CALL, but whatever..-sighs- hearing how bad it's effecting you is heartbreaking, I didn't know it could be so much worse, I upgraded to imp edition for absolutely nothing.
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