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why the redownloading?

So since the patch on Tuesday my launcher has been re-downloading the entire game...again. it did the same thing with craiglorn patch came out and on one of the smaller patches. Instead of just downloading the patch it re-downloads the entire game. only this time its taking a lot longer, I've already been unable to play Tues, wed, Thurs, and its at 44% so I'm basically going to loose a whole week of playtime. I run repair from the launcher every few days, so its not a corrupt file before the patch. and with the download speeds being so slow for some reason (not my ISP, downloaded both WoW and D3 with no problems yesterday just to check), but with eso the launcher says I'm lucky if I'm getting 10-20kB/s.. I can't run repair right now because its downloading, and I'm afraid to stop cancel the download only to have repair start the whole thing from 0% again

Just trying to find a solution to why it is always trying to re-download the game, this is the 3rd time its done this instead of just doing the patch/update? Any Ideas anyone? thanks ahead of time
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