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LF DC EU guild

Soul Shriven

I have been playing this game since launch now, and getting close "end-game", so its time for me to try find a real guild.
Yeah i know i should have been vet 12 months ago like everyone else, but i did not wanna burn my self out on the game right away.. spent some time picking flowers and *** on the way :)

I'm looking for semi hardcore/social kinda thing whit TS or Vent (not mumble.. never ever mumble again), and members that actually know how to log on and use it.

I don't care much if its 10 members or 500, as long as they log on and are social, and enjoy doing some group stuff every now and then.
Both pve and pvp works for me, but I'm still kinda new to the pvp in this game.

And yeah.. main language should be decent English, not just a mix of different nationality's that cant even communicate becus of a language barrier.
I'm swedish myself so my english is not perfect, but usually ppl understands what im saying. At least they pretend they do ^^

I'm a Nightblade if that's of any use

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