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Add-On that identifies quest locations?

Some chatted in-game that there was an add-on to identify quest start locations. I went to esoui, but couldn't find it.

Anyone heard of this and/or used it? Is it worth it? Normally, I'd just explore but there are so many quests and I don't want to miss anything.

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  • zgrssd
    We have Undiscovered, wich shows you quest hubs, but not specific quests.

    Also there are several questrackers. But those only keep track of the quests you found yourself while it was active.
    I know of no addon that reveals all the quests in an area, via map markers or otherwise. If there is such one, it would need to be questtracker too (to not show you quests you already took/completed).
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  • NetViperX
    So does this mod above actually show quests on the map that you haven't picked up yet, or just keep track of quests you already have?
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