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Official Discussion Thread for "Update 2 Has Launched!"

  • kirnmalidus
    seeker1 wrote: »
    I have 2/3 major problems with this update. 1 is freezing up. 2 is ADDons no longer working and 3 is lag. 1 and 3 are probably related. Since I am from the older crowd of players, I remember when these weren't problems. So, what happened?

    If your add-ons aren't working that's not Zenimax's problem. The add-on maker needs to update the add-on.

    Zenimax has enough problems of their own without people throwing all the add-on issues onto their plate as well.
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    Attention Zenimax: Stamina builds don't hold up to magicka builds, and this is causing most of your class imbalance. It makes melee weapons and bows weaker than staves and class abilities. It makes medium and heavy armor less desirable than light armor. Fix this imbalance, and you'll address most of your balance issues.

    - @ruze84b14_ESO
  • Ezerphel
    Have you finally added shadowkey's features? Umbra'keth *_*
  • Enderman_Slayer
    xgraceling wrote: »
    Sweet, excited about looting the weapon racks now. It'll make getting iron ingots easier now! Yay for crafting.... B)

    This one needs to read the patch notes......
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  • aaronwalker27
    Soul Shriven
    No issues here yet for me yet. And with the new FOV slider i've started playing 1st person. Very fun. And I'm a DK, feels like a good balance to me. Of course, I'm not much of a PVP'er and some of those complaints may be coming from that side. Wouldn't know impact there...
  • Whitman
    Soul Shriven
    I wish the developers would take a minute to explore how banks and guild stores can be made to work. WoW and EQ figured out how more than a decade ago, so I wonder why the developers of ESo had to go and reinvent the wheel?

    Off the top of my head:
    • WHY do items not stack automatically when dropped in a bank?
    • WHY can't we switch beteen guild bank and private bank without going through the chat with the banker and trying anywhere from 1-10 times to get access?
    • WHY can't we search by item name in guild stores?
    • WHY can't we sort the search results in guild stores alphabetically?
    • WHY, when I am sorting the bank(s) and I'm in (say) Materials and swap from deposit to withdraw, do I have to choose Materials again?
    • WHY do we get kicked from the bank when the banker moves?(alternatively: which sadistic moron decided that the bankers SHOULD move in the first place?)

    All those issues make bank management a tedious chore, which it, IMHO, needen't be. It could and should be fixed very easily, so we'd have much more time to actually play the game, interact with other people etc.
  • lykan_spike
    Whitman, the reason is, the game clearly needed the ability to loot items of racks, that have 0 value. This was a major reason as to why people were leaving the game.

    Maybe in a year they will fix the banks, who uses a bank any way? We have so much space in our bags.

    Sarcasm has been detected.
    Edited by lykan_spike on June 30, 2014 12:38PM
  • snowsong
    My group stopped to look in awe at a scene of the lighting coming through the windows- so yeah definitely nice new lighting visual effects! :) Very well done. We are also liking being able to interact with and pick up items in game that are leveled to the player! :) These are fun additions. Even though the items picked up are zero gold value and traits cannot be added to them, it is good that we can either get some small amount of XP from deconstructing them or alternately we can use them and they are able to be enchanted with glyphs to add to their sale or useability value; so they are not useless. Thank you.

    There are allot of things tackled in this patch, so it seems you have been busy fixing or enhancing the game. I would agree with the some of the commenters on some of the banking issues being tedious however. Just fixing it so items would stack properly in the Guild Banks would be helpful, but i am not having any trouble with stacking in the individual player bank so far. To get things to stack in a Guild Bank, requires gathering the instances of a particular type of item, then getting them stacked by putting them in - then out -of the player bank then put back into the Guild bank as one stack. This work around does get very tedious however. It would be nice if things could stack up to 100, otherwise ingredients such as clear water or natural water or onions or moonsugar etc. can take up allot of much needed space one by one or even three by three etc., and leave allot of time-consuming constant sorting in and out to be done or simply overload the limited space very quickly. Since stacks can be easily split if one player only wants to take out some of a stack - this idea of having them stack to 100 in a Guild bank like in a player bank should not be a problem. If split by a player to take some out, the stack would next just continue to be replenished till it reached 100 again, starting a new stack only after reaching 100 again. I hope i am expressing this clearly enough, for understanding. Since there is so much gathering and crafting in the game, inventory space can very quickly become too much of a hassle, especially if items are not stacking properly in all banks. I think this may be a source of frustration for many, if i am understanding them correctly. Thank you.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the many fixes and improvements done in this patch and looking forward to playing with them some more. :)
    Edited by snowsong on July 8, 2014 8:43AM
    [Snowsong is using ROG G752VS on NA server.]
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