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[Nightblade Build Question] Help a newbie out with his NB build please!

Soul Shriven
Hey guys, I'm a really new player (1 week into the game) who hopes to get comments on his current loadout, especially in light of v1.2.3.

Race: Bosmer
Class: Nightblade

Stats: 1/49/1

Weapons: DW/bow
Function: Mainly PVE/dungeons but I hope to do PVP eventually

Action bar 1 (DW daggers/swords): Ambush - Surprise attack - Blood Craze - Impale - Dark cloak - Soul Tether (Ultimate)

Action bar 2 (bow): Venom arrow - Magnum shot - Swallow soul - Siphoning attacks - Impale - Veil of blades (Ultimate)

Item set: 3 piece warlock set, haven't decided on the rest yet. Probably 3 light - 4 medium, more light as my critical chance caps. 2 daggers enchanted with critical chance, to be swapped out with swords after my critical chance caps

I also have a few questions:

1) The skills on my first bar uses magicka predominantly while that on my second bar uses stamina predominantly. Is this a problem? Most builds I see focus on one or the other.

2) Given that my first bar uses magicka predominantly, did I make a suboptimal race choice? 2 of the bosmer racials seem to focus on stamina. I'm asking this so I know whether to prioritise levelling my bosmer racials

3) Should I put points into the DW passives or leave them for the end? They seem to scale with weapon damage, and my DW build is predominantly magicka-based

4) Should I swap my first bar out with a more stamina-focused build, since stamina was just buffed? Would this be better for PVE/PVP?

Thanks in advance for the constructive comments!
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