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Looking for someone to help me create a music-related addon.

Since addons are in LUA format, and there are a few that will let you add things like custom images or fonts, I was wondering if addons can be used to access other areas of the computer as well. Namely, Windows Media Player playlists...

Basically, what this addon would do is use the client's own playlists for music in the world, instead of using the system in-game. This idea came to be while I was thinking about how much I despise the combat music in the game, and wish I could turn it off. That's what got me thinking- if addons can access other computer resources, why not playlists? So, what we need to do is (first and foremost) create a system that will tell the addon whether it's day or night, and whether you're in a dungeon/cave or not (because dungeons and caves usually have different music).

The addon will allow you to specify up to three playlists (day, night, and dungeon), which it will then play at the appropriate times. The addon needs to be able to check where you are when you change areas or zones, and it needs to be able to tell when it turns from day to night, and vice-versa. For maximum efficiency, it would be best if it checked for location first, and then time of day. That way, it doesn't have to run any more checks than it needs to.

One of the main benefits of an addon like this is the ability for players to be able to pick and choose any music they want to play in-game. Let's say, you wanted to use tracks from the Skyrim soundtrack could do that! Organize the OST into three playlists and you're in business!

As an added bonus, the addon could detect when you're in combat and play a different playlist, for people who like the combat music.

But...enough rambling. I would be more than grateful if there were someone kind enough to help me flesh out this idea. Thanks in advance!
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  • zgrssd
    Addons can do exactly what ESO allows them to do.
    lua is just a interpred programmign language, what the environment/executing programm allows it to do is what it can do.

    They are not allowed to play sounds that are not part of the game.
    They are not allowed to communicate to outside of the client, neither on the computer or to other clients in your group/guild.

    No can do with addons.
    This would require a mod, with all the legal hassel of "would it be allowed?" (Propably yes).
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