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Veteran Level 1

I am a new MMO player and have finally reached Veteran Level 1. I immediately received an E Mail from ( System ) congratulating me on my achievement. Included in this E Mail were options for Veteran Level 1 players. None of which do I understand. It seems I should have been directed to a Veteran 1 Level area to continue my game. That did not happen. Please explain how I should proceed.
2. I am presently located in Coldharbour- Hollow City. Confused and am waiting for suggestions. Thanks.
3. Charles
  • Cinna
    You will get access to the veteran content when you finish the "main quest" story line. Funny that they send the email regardless of your progression with that.
  • kirnmalidus
    As the previous poster stated, you need to finish the main quest.

    Now that you are vet one, and assuming you have finished the Coldharbour main questline (through The Final Assault) as well, you will be able to go to the Harborage and talk to the folks in there to initiate the final part of the main quest.

    After you complete that you once again return to the Harborage, speak with Cadwell, and he will open a portal to your first VR zone.
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  • Liquid_Time
    A wayshrine will become available for you to hop to when you are done with the main quest if I remember correctly.
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  • Ysne58
    You need to complete all the quests in the world/main quest line. This includes those forced solo quests and the Coldharbour questline. Those quests should never, ever have been solo only.
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