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is it bad if your stats are overcharged?

Hello guys I have a problem I'm a lv 16 heavy armor dragonknight, dual wielding and with a staff weapon but my dual wielding stats and heavy armor stats are over charged and it says I should consider using other stuff but i don't really want, anyway will this effect my character in any way down once i get to higher level, like will i be too weak or something?
  • Worstluck
    No it's fine and totally normal. The more the better, even if it's overcharged.
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  • pez8897nub19_ESO
    The way I understand it: If your armor is overcharged, the level won't go up. (armor level)
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  • Blackhorne
    Depends. Are ALL of the stats you USE overcharged? Is one way more overcharged than the others?

    The way overcharging works is that once a stat reaches a soft cap, any additional points to that stat are added at 1/2 value. For example, if the soft cap for health at your level is 100, and you add something with +32 health when you're at 100, then you'll have 116 health.

    Now this is level-based, so if you're just barely overcharged and you're still leveling, you'll probably not be overcharged once you level up.

    To see detailed info on where your stats are in relation to the softcaps, including the points you've lost due to overcharging, you can use the SoftcapInfo addon:
  • ozm8ey
    nah its just the armor and dual wielding, everything else is fine
  • catpower
    ozm8ey wrote: »
    nah its just the armor and dual wielding, everything else is fine

    For armor it's fine, some even shoot for it as there is a hard cap above the soft cap for armor so although you get less value per armor point, you still do mitigate more until you hit the hard cap.

    I think you mitigate 35% at the soft cap and 50% at the hard cap so there is definitely value until you bump up against the hard cap.
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