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Getting frustrated with dungeons

It seems like about 75% of the player base cannot play this game. I have been playing this game for weeks and have completed only one dungeon because, usually, at least two of the players cannot play.

I was playing a NB but was having trouble getting groups, so I switched specs to heal, and found myself constantly struggling to keep up with healing because dps thinks it's ok not to dodge or block anything. I tried tanking and the healers are trying to keep my alive with just rapid regen. Once when I was trying to heal, the tanks asks "so, what should I have on my bar?" Really? NOW you ask??

With all of the issues with the classes, trying to be a viable group spec and class, not being able to play the game how I want, not completing dungeons etc, I really am about burned out and ready to move on to the next game. I have yet to get passed level 25 on an alt because I get bored shouting in zone for groups (no one seems to use the group finder) or failing for an hour at dungeons and having extremely expensive repair bills.

I keep hearing "Play the game like you want and have fun", but when it becomes difficult to do so because you're struggling with soloing or not able to experience the content, that's just not fun.

I am making this post because I am at a loss. I have no desire to even log in right now.
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  • Rembrandt
    Soul Shriven
    Breaking News: The average player is not that good. Its the same in every MMO

    If you don't want to play with bad people don't use the random group finder, it's really that simple. You got a friendslist and guild(s) to stay in touch with decent players and form handpicked groups on your own terms.

    You need connections in this game. Get to know players and earn yourself a reputation. If you really are above average it should be easy to run dungeons with friends constantly, especially as healer or tank
  • dylanjaygrobbelaarb16_ESO
    I agree with rembrant. you need to friend and keep in touch with people you play with who are good. I have been frustrated at times with poor players but you cant blame the devs for that; I would not want the game to be easier. All you need is a few people who "multiclass"(build a diverse character who depending on equip and skill slot can pve or excell at specific role) then even the very difficult content is only a moderate challenge.

    The main problem with this game is poor attitudes of players complaining that they cant "do anything" like advertised. I had to change my build a lot to succeed at my targeted playstyle but that is the point of character building. build and playstyle are different; if you want a playstyle of point blank dps, that dosent mean you get to just say hey how about two handed heavy armor and be the best. it means you should try different things and use what works best for doing point blank dps. playestyle is not picking weapon and armor and saying this better work or else, it is figuring out the way you are actually playing things out and discovering what will work best for that "style".

    one thing we can blame the devs for is making pre vet way to easy. people can literally do anything and get by. then you get to the real content and its too hard because your character sucks and you are ignoring all the mechanics because you were able to before. guess what, tanks cant just block everything you actually have to roll sometimes or you *** your healer; guess what, you cant just ingore everything and mash dps skills. guess what your healer dosnt have infinite mana to heal you when you just stand in the red as if you have brain damage. who the F would want to play a game where that would always work? as a healer I can tell if people suck or not basically instantly; I have healed through the hardest content doing vet dungeon challenges and kept enough mana for at least one emergency heal at ALL times; then go in with another and am totally drained before wiping the first trash mob :( vet dungeon challenges get you more undaunted points and simply make it harder than it is, dont cleanse effects on x boss, dont use mechanics to avoid fire on x boss etc in case you didnt already know.
    if it was much easier you also wouldnt have fun when you do find a good group.
    sorry for the essay
  • Malmai
    Get yourself a nice guild.
  • Troponin
    I just needed to vent a bit. It's really not the dev's fault, I realize that. I guess it seemed like, many years ago, the average MMORPGer was actually pretty decent. It seems like now, 12-15 years later, the average skill level of players has taken a big dive.

    I was out of town and took a nice break from the game. I am ready to jump back in, maybe find a guild and/or some friends, and give it another shot. I used to be a huge elitist at gaming. I needed to raid with the biggest guilds on the server, was upset if I wasn't in the top 25 or 50th player on the server etc. Now I Just want to have fun without taking hours and hours and never completing anything. This game isn't cheap to continuously wipe and use up all your potions foods and breaking your armor, so it's certainly not worth my time if we can't at least do the easy stuff.
  • Kayira
    I did a lot of PuG for vet dungeons and failed constantly. The probability of finding decent players is sadly way too low in this game. Even when youa re grouped up with vet10+ players they can still suck because they just ground their way up in craglorn. I recently joined a small PvE guild and ran all dungeons within a day, and many several times to farm some sets. I thought before I joined the guild these dungeons are impossible, they really are not. If you do them with players with experience and that know how to play their character they are fun, slightly challenging and doable.
    So don't give up and find a nice guild.

    Ps. Using TS in dungeons is a huge advantage in vet content due to the mechanics of some bosses where you have to free a group member and etc (don't want to spoil anything)
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    @Troponin‌, It's a catch 22... You're going to find (experience) different builds and different playstyles. Some need a little more help (suggestions) than others and it takes some time for some people to get to the that level. (Unfortunately, people have to initially prove that they suck as much as they initially have to prove that they don't...)

    Granted, when it's good, it's good...and when it's bad...well...

    Let's just say it helps you really notice the good.

    (Sounds like you've had some really bad...)

    A great group compliments each'd think with the sheer numbers involved, it would happen more than it seems to.

    Agreed, for the most part. Make friends and make note of when people do well. Don't automatically exclude when someone needs some pointers or some work - you may be missing out on a diamond in the rough that can be very useful later. (When all you have is a hammer...everything looks like a nail...)

    Agreed, also though, that you shouldn't have to completely teach someone how to play the game and if you spend much time compensating or carrying when you are expecting an experienced crew, it can be downright painful.

    (I'm still dumbfounded at some of the chat questions that arise in L30-L40 zones from time to time...Not to be callous, but sometimes it makes you want to ask 'How did you make it this far?')

    We try to split the difference... We know when we can bring someone in that needs more experience and allow them to get some of that in the process. We also know when we're headed into a no-joke kind of situation that requires tried-and-true battle proven individuals.

    Guilds can be good. Contacts can be better.

    You can have the level. You can have the build. You can even have the role...

    It doesn't mean you are able to fill it. In the end, the above are just takes a player to play the game.

    I've Healer/DPS characters in AD and DF both...and I regularly run with a Tank/DPS in DF. AD's sitting around L28. DF around L42... If you still have trouble finding someone to run with that can fill the role, give me a shout. (The only question I'll potentially ask is how much you want me to hold back...;) )

    @Kayira‌, TS makes a world of difference...realtime response without worrying about the chat window... We would not do half as well without it!
    Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong...

    Earn it.

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  • darksaviour74
    Soul Shriven
    I have had no problems completing dungeons since finding a nice guild with like-minded people, in fact we have done all the undaunted acheivements and im only vet 5 . We use Ventrillo which imo is a must for the dungeons in this game. I am a healer and have indeed experienced the people who scream ....heal me for gods sake' whilst standing in the boss's path and not dodging or blocking, but there are decent people who CAN play the game .......IF you are willing to do the leg work and find a decent guild.
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