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Official Discussion Thread for "Battlemaster’s Corner – The Dragonknight Healer"

  • Xanadution
    Soul Shriven

    >I even went so far as to put a full set of v1 warlock jewelry in just to see if that burst of magicka could make the difference.

    I tried the set of warlock jewelry. Thanks for the tip. However I feel that magicka furnace set bonus is better for my style solo PvE and it leaves one accessory for boosting 400 armor. Warlock jewelry might still be better for group dungeons.

    The reason I shied away from mentioning magicka furnace is that it is only truly viable in a 5 set and being a v1 set you can only upgrade it so far. Besides there is a better overall set combo you can do that is not limited. 5 pieces of Willow's path, 3 pieces of Song of Lamae (if you are a vampire) or 3 pieces of Seducer (for non vamps)[can even go 3 pieces of Magnus' gift...if you feel lucky, lol] and the 3 warlock jewelry. Everything except the jewelry you can craft.

    This makes it so you are not hamstrung on armor or stat boost placement. Granted, you can't boost the jewelry to super fire resist or whatever floats your boat. However, for a pve build you are not being bathed in fire on every encounter or whatever you would normally want to protect against. Even if you ignore the rest the 5 pieces of willows path (during daytime) it normally lets low magicka regen players go from 1 fight to the next more easily than does magicka furnace.

    Each mob(non boss) you want to spend no more than around 10 sec to kill when you are doing a dps build. The parabolic gains you get from a 5 piece magicka furnace set does not (noticeably) surpass what I have listed till the 50-52 sec range and then it is reset back down once the second boost from the warlock jewelry comes in. The armor strength issue is addressed just on the fact that all the armor is not limited to being just v1 as with the magicka furnace set.

    Magicka furnace is indeed a good 5 set piece for early vet levels. In later vet zones its set stats are unfortunately overpowered by how glass like you become with its level limit. One last thing, if you adjust your active skill selection or even time your current active skills you can eliminate the need for warlock jewelry and/or magicka furnace for PvE play.
    Edited by Xanadution on June 15, 2014 5:04AM
  • ville.korpieb17_ESO
    Thanks again for your reflective reply. Invaluable stuff! Obviously I was only concentrating on here and now when I tested the warlock set but I can see that v1 magicka furnace set will outlive its usefulness eventually. It's perhaps symptomatic that the extra jewelry spot that I have for not using the warlock set, contains ring with armor bonus. I'm about to hit v4 soon and I intend giving a shot to the sets you suggested.
  • Paladin_echo1
    I throw down the gauntlet at this thread. I like DK staff builds, but I dare to challenge you people to create a stamina 2 handed dps build with a 2 handed Axe or Maxe. Put that in an article. Wuuthrad cries because it does not get love until 1000 years later in Skyrim.
  • Zormac
    Am I the only one here who thinks this build is broken and redundant?
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