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Official Discussion Thread for "Heroes of Tamriel Statue: Breton"

  • Lazrael
    Very cool. But a leap from 100-300 just for an alternate head. IDK. I mean, I get that it's rarer, but, still. I do understand why players are getting sick of seeing products sold promoting the game, while the game still require significant work.
    Artists and Theives...
  • Lorgren_Benirus
    Yeah.. Thanks but not going to buy it. I'm already thinking when will the "last straw break the camel's back" or "when will the last drop fill the cup" and such with the bugged quests, bots running rampart (and already on veteran levels), veteran game mode being the most annoying part of the game (lost "fun" there a while ago but I just wish to push at least one char to the end of it before I say "sayonara!"). So, a statue.. Nah. Nicely made, thanks but no thanks.

    But yeah, like I said, nice detailed work at least.
  • fiftypercentgrey
    Why not a statue of the prophet or one of the companions? I would be tempted by a statue of Abnur Tharn :smile: (not for 300$)
    Or one of the daedric princes from the game? Or one of the faction leaders? The guild masters? the anchors?
    something that is actually in the game, really.

    That breton guy could be from any fantasy setting and game. He doesnt have a name or a story or anything at all. The quality seems to be nice and all but it is totally wasted on some guy no one knows anything about.
    Or did I miss him?
  • poodlemasterb16_ESO
    Where is my cape? I level my crafters and this kind of thing just makes me want to unsub. NOT.

    Sorry, it does seem to be a meme here.

    Where is my Nocturnal statue?
    Edited by poodlemasterb16_ESO on June 9, 2014 11:27PM
  • ShedsHisTail
    Where's my Meridia nightlight?
    "As an online discussion of Tamrielic Lore grows longer, the probability of someone blaming a Dragon Break approaches 1." -- Sheds' Law
    Have you seen the Twin Lamps?
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