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First 48 hours/issues i have seen/ few bugs or broken things

Soul Shriven
Denskar Earth Turner just disappeared into thin air. Gone

That frozen Man stuck in the ice quest whose name i cant remember. The quest marker on the ghost just before jumping onto the platforms would just keep pointing back to him even after i had just talked to him. So i would go and talk with him again only to be led back to him again, and again. Somehow the quest finally moved on. Don't know what i did but i remember talking to the guy about 4 times before the quest marker would update to the guy who was stuck in the ice but is now free.

After making, successfully, a potion is there some sort of recipe list that will remember the ingredients? Or do i have to write them all down from now on?

Mini-pauses/freezes in-game. The game would just suddenly freeze for a few seconds. The first time this happened i was almost going to press cntrl-alt-del thinking that it froze but then the game came back alive again. This would happen like two times an hour or so. A bit annoying but not game breaking, yet.

White text appearing very frequently after i have opened books and obscuring the book.

While reading books monsters are able to attack me so i have a hard time reading the books. Not cool. This is the time to freeze the game.

Could not fast travel since the game thought i was in combat. I wasn't. That is either game states not being updated or a bug.

Log-in the game loading time of 1+ min. I waited some more. The game froze. Bug?

Lack of documentation. A nice manual would have been appreciated. That is why i buy physical copies of games and not go through digital channels at all costs. For 30 squid a manual would have been nice. To explain the things that need explaining. Such as your assumption that we know what green text quests are for. Fine, i figured it out eventually but i was seriously lost in the beginning not knowing how to do things and i have played Skyrim to the end and been a gamer since the late 1970's when i first played PONG on a machine my dad won at a darts tournament. Don't assume we all know how the game works. Manuals, people. They are nice to look at and read. The map is a nice touch but i would have preferred a manual on how to do things given a choice.

At one of the Runes i was not able to use the knife to scrape off the stuff. It was a potency rune. Maybe i was not intended to get stuff but why allow me to get stuff off of all others but not this one?

Delaying the Daggers quest. After i went into the house to speak with Tanval Indoril i had the optional of speaking to some other guy. After Tanval the marker would point to the front door leading me out. Once outside the marker would point back to the door making me go back indoors. Rinse and repeat. Silly. Also there was no marker on Holgunn on leaving the house yet this was the end of the quest.

I have not gotten far into the game at all.

Here is a big criticism. Why no 360 support? You allowed us to play skyrim on the computer with the 360 and omitted all support for it here? I really enjoyed not using the friggen mouse for a change. Now i am gonna have to write my own profile with xpadder.

Entertaining game but a few too many issues for me to see on a game that has been released and worked on for quite some time. In the air about whether or not i want to remain subbed though and the next 30 days will tell me that.

I will continue to write stuff down that i have problems with
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