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DK-Archer Build, LF a way to improve

Soul Shriven

I’m pretty new to ESO, currently running a lvl 41 bow DK bosmer (Wylandriah Nightshade, EU, Pact), and looking for a way to improve my perfomance both in solo and group PvE.
Thus, I decided to share my current load-out with experienced players out there in hope you will provide feedback, suggestions and etc..
Please, keep in mind, that it is my first character to ever get out of Stonefalls.

My ultimate goal is: to create a bow build that would be viable in VR PvE content, both solo and in group. I want to beat every quest and every dungeon while not being a burden to the party. After that, I’ll start worrying about PvP.

If necessary, I can start from scratch using another class (or race, or weapon, or whatever), but I am quite content on using a bow as a main weapon ATM. I’m open to suggestions, though. Convince me the bow is not worth the effort and I’ll pass on it. I value my time.

The reason I picked a bow: I really don’t like staves and there are already great 2h and 1hs builds out there, so why bother? It’s just that I prefer either “warrior” or “rogue” characters in RPG’s. BTW, i am also interested in trying bow templar build that is very much alike this one (Binding Javeling, Power of the Light, Breath of Life, Radiant Aura… the main drawback is that ultimate choices are much weaker than DK’s Standard of Might + Battle Roar… IMO!). Another thing is – I really like highly mobile characters, and Bow passives + Medium Armor passives + Magnum Shot come handy here.

My current problems: lacking in sustainability and survivability. Also, in my previous MMO’s (Ragnarok Online and Royal Quest) I always went burst-damage due to mechanics. Thus, I am somehow inexperienced when it comes to DPS-rotations including dots, debuffs, etc.

My other vice: I reeeally want to make this character a werewolf. Yes, an iconic Hircine-worshiping Bowmaster-Werewolf. Just not a Nord, this time. ‘Twas my most “alive” char in Skyrim, btw.

Build Link

(I decided not to bother with passives/skill levels in calc, etc. This link is just to show what actives I use for those who are not going to read everything.)

Quick run-down:
Bow / Bow, 7/7 Medium, Stamina-based, Steed for mobility / Thief for crit / Tower for stam.
Stamina and Health balanced in both equip and stats. I don’t gear up for Magicka at all ATM.

First Bar: Single Target DPS + Control

1. Venom Arrow – for main DPS and caster interrupts. Rotated with light attacks.
2. Magnum Shot – for building distance or disable. Often used as “win some time” button when I need to regen in 1-on-1 boss fights.
3. Obsidian Shard – for mana-based knockdown. Sometimes used right after Magnum Shot when switching target or taking another action is not an option. Also used on targets that are immune to disorient effect of Magnum Shot.
4. this slot is highly optional, I change it very often:
var a) Snipe – to stealth-kill from afar, to use as starter, to increase my reach (notably with Obsidian Shard and Magnum Shot) once I get Focused Aim morph. Mostly just 4fun. Used right after Molten Armaments for crit bonus.
var b) Silver Shards – stamina-based daedra-knockdown + banish chance + a bit of weak AoE.
var c) Degenerate – to somehow increase survivability in boss fights.
var d) some skill to increase DPS. Honestly don’t know which one!
5. Green Dragon Blood – self-explanatory.
ULT. Standard of Might – self-explanatory.

Rotation: mostly just Venom Arrow + light attacks, other skills are situational. All melee 1-on-1 boss-fights are almost certainly a win.

Second Bar: AoE DPS

(Yep, I also feel it’s kinda gimped with a bow, but I like to give myself a set of rules in creating a char, and bow is a cornerstone of this build… But let me repeat it: Convince me the bow is not worth the effort on the long run and I’ll pass on it. I value my time.)

1. Scorched Earth – used on a pack as a starter, rarely used afterwards.
2. Bombard – used right after Scorched Earth, so that enemies receive full damage from that ability. Sometimes 2-3 uses in a row combined with a single Scorched Earth is enough to bring trash down. Than again, that’s a ton of stamina.
3. Burning Breath – an additional DoT + armor strip + “I ran out of stamina and you are almost dead” button. I find it uncomfortable to use, though. Maybe replace with Volcanic Rune?
4. Molten Armaments – to buff my AoE capabilities AND receive a crit bonus for several next attacks. To be used with both bars.
5. Green Dragon Blood – self-explanatory.
ULT. Standard of Might – self-explanatory.

Rotation: Armaments -> drop Scorched Earth -> immobilize with Bombard -> optional Burning Breath -> spam light attack and Bombard. Works fine against tight packs, not-so-fine if there is a healer or shaman.

That about covers it. Looking forward for your advices and suggestions.
I really appreciate your help.

PS. Sorry if there are any language mistakes. Native language is Russian.
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