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I'm stuck? In my character "requesting log in"

Hey please help, I'm stuck in this loading screen, like when I click on the character I want it comes up with a loading screen, not the normal loading screen.

Edit: I'll show you in a screenshot
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  • LegendaryPow
  • LegendaryPow
    That didn't workk how do I add photos?
  • Lazarus_Long
    You will need to upload this image to a website then link to it. As far being stuck: "Requesting log in" could be a server side login queue, lag/dropped packets, or a character in a location that for some reason is offline in the game world. I had this with one of my toons in beta when I was in a Cyrodiil dungeon and they brought down the campaign.
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  • LegendaryPow
    Well it works now, and thanks :)
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