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Strange Sound Issue - Intermittant white noise

Anyone else come across this, or come up with a fix ? (was also bug reported a week ago)

Since we started playing, I've had perfect sound, my wife had an odd glitch with sound, where every few seconds you'd get a brief burst of white noise. The two have the same Windows 7 Home installation, the same motherboards, pretty much the same stuff installed. Only major difference was she had the game on an SSD, and I didn't. As she gave up after the first month, I thought no more about it.

Recently I got a large memory stick, and I thought I'd see if the game played faster running from it. So I copied the files over and ran from there. And now I got the bursts of white noise! Sound is still perfect if running from the hard drive, but not from the memory stick! Clearly only the drive can have changed. I don't think it's an electrical issue, as the sound is the same whether on speakers or USB headphones. The glitch may be related to effects, as it occurs more often when there are weapon glows and other effects due to skills I have cast. Recopying all the files doesn't fix it.

I have also talked to a guildie who has the same issue, only for him the white noise appeared when on a hard drive, and vanished on a new PC with an SSD!
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