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request pets hp bar addon for genral classes

Soul Shriven
plz can someone make a add on for a genral class pet hp bar as like is handy to know you need save some magic to recast your pet as its just about to die and plz don't make only for sorcerers and i know some people say there making a update that does this for them but they are not the only class that can have a pet.

p.s. plz forgive me if there already is a add on that does this but i've looked and looked and cant find any
  • zgrssd
    The closest we have into that Direction is the Sorcerer Helper. And even that one cannot track Summon HP's right now (it's ammong the planned features).
    Since it was not among the first features implement I have to assume it is not that easy to do. Or might be outright impossible for now.
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  • gamegenius86
    Soul Shriven
    I haven't looked into whether this is available or not through the games API, however i've wanted to integrate that into my Unit Frame Addon: ggFrames
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  • lithdanna
    Soul Shriven
    thnx for the info and keep on writing them handy add ons as they add up nicely into making the whole eso experence that much more better :)
  • Wizball1987
    Still no pet health?
  • Reorx_Holybeard
    I don't think the game's API supports getting the health of an arbitrary unit. At least I haven't come across any method of doing so and the lack of such an add-on would seem to support that as well.
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