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VR Dungeon Boss Names

Without going into the Dungeons and completing them, I can't find any information on the the Boss names for Elden Hollows or Darkshade Caverns. Even the other 4 it takes other people to write them on another site.

Guilds like to track progress and even the in game achievements don't help, some have the wrong name. How does such simple things get over looked.

Zenimax employ some better staff.

If anyone know's the names of the bosses in the last 2 Dungeons I would be grateful.
  • Axer
    None of the achievements for clearing the 3 main bosses in VR Dungeons have wrong names.
    Here is a guide to all of the achievements, and thus names:

    Note mini bosses aren't listed, but yea.. I can remember a few by memory:
    Elden Hollow:
    1st: Dubloze the ravager (Deadroth)
    2nd: Azara? (Twilight bat thingy)
    3rd: dunno some tiefling

    1st: Transmuted Foremen
    2nd: Transmuted Alit (Three of em, rez each other if not killed within a few seconds of each other)
    3rd: Dwemer Army (Doesn't actually have a name, it's just a load of Dwemer Spiders, Spheres and Centurion)
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