demoralized to level up VR levels

I'm a person that really enjoys faction/alliance pride and I have 0 interest in other factions content so why am I forced into their content is there another way for me to hit VR10 ?
  • Jarnhand
    There should be options yes, since the first ones AE farmed to VR10 in notime before exp got nerfed.
  • Chirru
    Why are you forced into other faction content... because the Game developers could not think of something else. Okay... that is mean, I apologize. This is what the game developers decided on.

    Is there another way to get to VR10. I do not know any other way. You either do what is there or you don't. For me, right now, the game ends at level 50.

    Me also thinks that a number of the now VR10 crowd crying how easy it was to reach VR10 level used every exploit there was including buying gold from outside the game.

  • JoseDelgadoCub17_ESO
    Ugh I got to VR3 but I really dislike the ebonheart pact zone i really got into the dominon story but their characters are just meh
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