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NA vs EU raiding

I play on PC/NA and recently also started playing on EU due to my work schedule changes. I'm a fairly casual player, cp2000+ on na and 600ish on eu. I'm in few laid back guilds on both servers but mostly pug vet trials. I play all roles on both servers, have decent gear and pull modest 90k on my 600 cp DD. But man oh man how difficult it is to join groups on EU. It's almost like playing a different game. People are extremely toxic compared to NA. 9 out of 10 raids in group finder ask to link clear while on NA only 1 out of 10 ask it. I get that whoever creates the group gets to choose people, but why such a great difference? Is the skill level on EU that much lower?
I know I'm fairly low cp but I have to explain every lead that I'm from NA, have clears and pull my weight. Still I'm being kicked every day from multiple groups before we even start.
After alot of gatekeeping and frustration, I've managed to clear all vets except vHoF and vMoL, but those rarely get pugged anyways. And leads are still hesitant to take me in after linking clear. It's worst than job interview lol. They ask me to link my gear, send logs, do I know mechs for sure etc. And funny thing is, alot of those groups still struggle after the extensive screening. And I'm talking about non hm, non speed or score runs.
And somehow there's no more fails on NA than there are on EU. What's up with that?

Rant over, sorry.
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  • Ishtarknows
    There's an NA discord called "EU Clears Don't Count". Just sayin'. Different server, no way of knowing if you paid for a carry or whatever.
    I play on console and when someone links their achievement I only see my completion date/ the fact I haven't completed it. Is that different on PC?
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