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Guild Transactions/Banking deposit Records are slowed down when trying to view/record Them

To whom It may Concern:

For a while, Consoles had no accurate pricing guide. And a few years ago, An Xbox guild stepped up and answered the call to offer the pricing bot for the Xbox NA server. This guild, made up of volunteers, a coder, a guild master, and over 30 independent trading guilds EACH WEEK record their transaction data or sales and purchases, compiling it into thousands of screenshots A WEEK, and hand entering them into a Google doc for the Discord Xbox Pricing bot to access. An incredible feat in its own right. With a small dedicated team of volunteers (around 10) they plug away at the sales data, checking it for accuracies over the course of 4–6 days, and turn around and do it all over again the following week. The TSC Pricing bot is on over 1000 discord servers and is an INVALUABLE resource to this community, and to the PlayStation community, since the PC Bot prices are no where close to reflecting that of console sales. Tens of Thousands of players rely on this bot working each week to fill the community need.

Tamriel Savings Co. - the trading guild, and the guild master SavageTSC is the brainchild of this bot. And we, as guild members, have noticed an issue lately. Since the Xbox update on March 28th 2023, the logs of transactions and transfers now loads much slower after a couple of hundred pages are viewed in the guild transaction records. Since the guilds involved hand screenshot this data, what use to be a few minutes, is now a daunting task of 30+ minutes to sometimes hours depending on the sales data of the guild.

Unfortunately, in talking with the guild master of Tamriel Savings Co, and a few others that do contribute their data, Unless the streamline of the guild search functions are returned, the entire PlayStation, and Xbox community are at risk of loosing this valuable resource to both communities. The time it takes to grab data, and the time it takes to enter this data with the increase (however slight) is a mighty deterent to those guilds that contribute their data. Some contributing guilds have more data to offer, in the 10,000+ range of screenshots each week, due to their trading fame as a guild.

So we ask that you look into this issue, for the wellbeing of the trading guilds, discords, and vast communities both on Xbox AND PlayStation that rely on this bot alone for their pricing needs.

Kind regards,


Xbox Ambassador
ESO - Xbox NA/PC
Tamriel Savings Co. - Bank Manager
  • Fistinface
    Soul Shriven
    This needs to be fixed! The price app from TSC is what makes traders like me able to enjoy the game please fix this asap
  • FierceSunshine
    @ZOS_GinaBruno are any devs looking into this? A lot of my fellow Xbox guildmasters & our guilds heavily rely on TSC for the information that so many have worked so hard to make happen, I’d hate to see the most valuable resource to trade guilds on Xbox lose this 😕
    Xbox One NA
    GT- LittleMissSun21
    CP almost 810
  • SavageCascadeX0
    Soul Shriven
    For anyone interested in an update, below is a screenshot of the response to the ticket I submitted.

    Considering the website is visited approximately 2000 times a day, the public Discord server has more than 2500 members, and the associated bot is used on more than 1000 other servers, all of which I mentioned in my ticket, I had hoped to get more than a blanket response.

    SavageTSC, Webmaster, Tamriel Savings Co
  • Gambit001
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah, this definitely needs to be fixed!! I use this for nearly all of my trading and it is absolutely PRICELESS and needed! I know so many others that use it as well and for people like me with 5 guilds always full on items, it would mean the end of trading at any decent level for us!
  • JMadFour
    Fix this.

    It's the only thing that makes the stupid Guild Trader system bearable on consoles.
  • Valdorkryptose
    Soul Shriven
    I hope they are working to resolve this. This is an essential resource to the console community. I and many others use it many many times a day.
  • TheSinisterDuck
    Soul Shriven
    Please investigate and correct this!

    Savage & TSC play a crucial role in the console community, all volunteer no less.
  • wscarpenter

    The news that TSC is unable to update pricing for console players is disappointing to hear. Console players do not have the abundance of alternative resources to utilize for pricing our items. TSC is a vital key for the trading system and assisting with both the selling and buying of items. ZOS, I implore you to look into this very urgent matter. This message serves as the collective response from the entire memberships of the Chimney Sweepers and Sweepers Empire Inc guilds (appx. 1000 players).

    At a time where it is difficult to retain current players and encourage new players to start their adventures, we need these types of issues to be resolved with haste. The game is great and has a lot to offer, but when us experienced players are trying to help and teach the game to new players, we need every break we can get. TSC and the data they utilize has become a crucial tool for the trading system. This disruption will cause many difficulties for the veteran traders who utilize the data and hinder the trading of new players that don't understand how to establish good price bases.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Scuba TSC
  • ellmarie
    I hope they look into this, I used this site very regularly!!!
    Xbox X- NA
  • AuldPhart
    Soul Shriven
    Please fix this or give the developer access to the price history. I have been a loyal customer since the beta days. Why should console users suffer and languish, remember your new owners also sell the console you are affecting!
  • SownRose
    I know I'm late on this, but please fix it! I sell a wide variety of goods and this app is a life saver.
    Elewyn Starsong since TES3 Morrowind.
    Old Lady Gamer Girl
    "I'm not a Boomer, I'm GenX. Get it right! We gave you computers,
    Video games & the X games. You're welcome!"
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