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In one account, when Cookery Wiz cooks a provisioning writ for one character it also cooks recipes for the writs of characters I will load later. Is there a way to make it cook only for the current character's writs? I didn't see any obvious option in its settings that would affect this. Could some other addon be causing this behavior?
  • Baertram
    If you expect other addons to interfere just do 1 simple test and disable all other addons, and you'll know :-)

    For the other related question I do not know sorry, but I'd ask in the addon comments at as the author will see your post then. Btw isn't cookeryWiz unsupported for years meanwhile? If so I'd go and use another addon instead. DailyProvisioning e.g. Supports writs and precrafting afaik

    CraftStore is supported and provides a cooking UI, and enchanting etc. too
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