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Z'Maja quotes translated (Thrassian to English)

I threw this together in case anyone was ever wondering what she was saying in Thrassian. I couldn't find anyone posting the translated text anywhere, including from my search options on the forums and on google, so figured I would translate it and put it together.

I've seen from my own footage that she says more than what's on the UESP wiki, so I may do a followup video if the wiki updates or if I get more info

poke me for corrections :innocent:
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  • spartaxoxo
    Oh, this is pretty cool! She doesn't seem to have much variation, cool nonetheless.
  • Dr_Con
    For anyone looking to translate in the future: the Thrassian language is Esperanto with the following substitutions:
    • ahk -> e
    • oix -> aux
    • so -> la
    • auw -> oj
    • jhe -> si

    I had trouble finding the forum post that describes how to translate a different Thrassian text
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